Santa’s Magical Cottage

The Cottage

The cottage itself is a traditional Irish cottage that dates back to the 19th Century. With white-washed walls, stone floors and open fires Santa’s Cottage is truly a living representation of life in Ireland in days gone by.

Like our ancestors Santa lives completely off the land. He grows fruit in the orchard, potatoes and other vegetables in the garden and collects the eggs that the hens lay each morning for his breakfast. Santa also gets his water fresh from the springs that flow out from the mountainside.

Santa’s Bedroom

Santa’s helpers will then show each family into his bedroom. This is where Santa gets his rest in preparation for the work that lies ahead at Christmas. As you approach Santa’s bedroom you might just happen to hear the loud snoring of one of Santa’s elves. Obviously all the hard work that he has done in Santa’s workshop has made him very, very tired and he has decided to sneak off for a quick nap. It may be wise to tread quietly as he might not want to be woken up just yet.

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